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Michigan’s Holy Water
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Thomas Jefferson said, “Good wine is a necessity of life.” And truly, the best way to learn about wine is to drink it. Despite being literally ignored by the wine world, Michigan wineries have much to be proud of and the time is right to drink up and start the bragging.

In the last decade, while in the midst of a depressed economy, the Great Lakes wine industry has shown unprecedented growth and the number of acres dedicated to grapes have increased dramatically. Michigan is producing award-winning wines – not first place in the local wine club tasting contests but rather prestigious events across North America and internationally.

Historically, Michigan has been producing great wine “legally” since the mid-1800’s and shortly after Prohibition ended, the state was a national leader in the wine industry – for heaven’s sake, Cold Duck was invented right here in Michigan! Yet, the rest of the country has failed to take notice. Strohs was brewed in Michigan but it was Martin Luther who said, “Beer was made by men, wine by God.”

Thus, the idea for a book touting great tasting Michigan wines was born.

A quick literary search showed the last quality book on Michigan wineries (From the Vine) was published in 2007. Statistics from the Michigan Wine and Grape Industry Council show the number of wineries in our state has more than double since 2006, from 45 to 93 in 2012. When looking at written wine works on a regional and national basis, Michigan is barely a footnote.

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